Waist Beads

Traditional African Waist beads are glass or crystal beads that are tied-on and worn for extended periods of time. They have many meanings and uses like; rite of passage, self-love, womb awareness, fertility, sensuality, confidence, sexual awareness, womb healing, protection, weight loss/waist training, and adornment. They also double as a bonding aid that holds space for commitments, like that of a wife to her husband, mother to child,or to a prayer/affirmation/intention.

They are pure femininity. The sensuality and confidence boost is almost instant. People often ask, "what exactly do waist beads do?!"  They don't do anything,  YOU are the MAGIC, the beads just serve as a reminder!

Traditional African Waist beads are handmade with intention and love and  meant for those ready to embark on a journey. Whether the destination is self-love, womb awareness, fertility, weight loss, ect, these waist beads are for those ready to COMMIT. Once they are tied on, the must be cut off.

This is why measurements are extremely important. When measuring your waist be sure to add an inch or two.

When you receive your beads put them around the area of your midsection you want the beads to fall, pinch them off where you would tie them, take a few deep breathes to make sure they aren't too tight. Practice sitting and laying down to while holding the beads in place before you tie them. Once you are SURE, slide the excess beads forward to expose the string and then double or triple knot it. Cut off any excess string.

Need help choosing a strand? 

I don't believe that everything works for everybody. The strand meant to represent "passion and confidence" for me, may serve you as a tranquility strand for meditation. While I subscribe to color meanings and crystal vibrations, I believe you should let the strand or any crystal speak to you. 


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