Thank you for taking your time to get to know a little about me.
ChatGPTThankTAAs a Florida native and a proud mother of three, my journey in women's health advocacy and community service has been deeply rooted in both personal experience and professional dedication.

For over five years, I've had the privilege of serving as a pivotal figure in women's health, wearing multiple hats as a community health worker, health educator, health coach, doula, lactation educator, holistic womb practitioner, fertility specialist, and herbalist. My passion lies in advocating for women's health, particularly within the realm of maternal and reproductive wellness, with a special focus on uplifting and empowering Black women.

With 18 years of unwavering commitment to public service, I've honed my skills and expertise to address the unique needs and challenges faced by women, especially during their maternal and reproductive journeys. My approach is holistic, embracing the mind, body, and spirit connection to foster optimal health and well-being.

Whether I'm guiding mothers through the sacred journey of childbirth as a doula, providing education and support as a lactation educator, or offering holistic care as a womb practitioner and herbalist, my goal remains steadfast: to ensure every woman feels empowered, supported, and informed in her health decisions.

Through advocacy, education, and compassionate care, I strive to create a world where every woman receives the respect, support, and quality healthcare she deserves. Join me on this transformative journey toward women's wellness and empowerment. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and their communities.